Tank Pump Tablets (TPT-25)


Gel-clear Micro-tabs are designed for HVAC tank pumps preventing biofilm build up, and keeping discharge line clear. Placed in the condensate tray, or the tank pump, the tablet dissolves, coating all surfaces in the long lasting ‘Gel-clear’ anti microbial coating, preventing biofilm at the earliest stage, improving efficiency, and extending the pump life cycle.

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The TPT25 tablet gives you effective protection from condensate drain blockages and build up of biofilms in the drainage system. Placing one tablet in the unit condensate pan, in contact with the water, and away from the drain outlet will keep drains clear from the unit. Alternatively, the tablet can be placed directly into the tank pump.

Gel-clear is approved pump safe by all major manufacturers, 100% biodegradable, with no toxicity to aquatic life

NSF approved safe for food preparation areas, controlling and preventing the biofilms that allow odours and bacteria to survive, for a cleaner unit with no bad smells.

Blocked condensate drains do damage that is costly to repair, and biofilm is the biggest cause of drain blockages condensate pump failure. 100% water soluble, means there is no residue or ‘carcass’ left behind to cause problems further down the line.

All Gel-clear tablets are non-corrosive to the soft metals used in HVAC, easily installed – just place the tablet in the condensate tray. Thats it.

Gel-clear tablets are suitable for every drainage configuration used in HVAC, and every unit type, being the biggest selling condensate drain treatment in the UK.

The only award winning condensate drain treatment. Proven effective with empirical data demonstrating an average 70% reduction in drainage maintenance on units across the UK from users.

Gel-clears unique antimicrobial shield is effective from the coil, to the sewer, coating all drains in an anti-microbial shield thats proven to reduce drain blockages by 90-100%

Winner of the RAC Cooling Industry Product of the Year 2016, the Gel-clear anti-microbial coating method also won the HIVE Innovation Award 2017.


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