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Leeds Bradford Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

ThermoCool Solutions LTD range of services cover every conceivable application. From a small back bar drinks cooler and salad bar right through to a nationwide refrigerated distribution depot! Our experience is such that we are able to operate this way.

Small Independents – We offer a full service to the small independent retail or food outlet – sales, service and maintenance of all your refrigeration and chiller systems. From your drinks fridge chiller,freezer right through to your deep freeze cold rooms and water chillers.

Multi Sites – We offer a multi-site service to our larger customers whereby we can proactively look after, either on contract or on an individual one-off basis each one of your site’s systems. Ensuring they operate as they were intended to right from day one – saving you money on running costs and eliminating down time and out of hours call outs. We are able to provide reactive service visits to any of your faulty systems.

Independent Supermarkets – We can, and do, look after many independent supermarket operations. Equipment varying from basic drinks coolers right through to refrigerated cold storage distribution depots. Our services will ensure that the refrigeration side of your business runs flawlessly through summer and winter, thus minimising valuable down time and excessive running costs. We can also retrofit heat-recovery systems to existing large refrigeration plants to provide ‘free’ heating to warehouses/workshop areas during the winter.

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