Many rooms in your home get too hot or too cold, especially in the summer and winter months. Our Domestic Air Conditioning solutions can solve this problem for you.

Areas which may have a need for extra heating or cooling include:

Living Rooms

Traditionally air conditioning has been considered both too expensive and too bulky for domestic use in UK homes. The latest systems have been made much smaller and more attractive so they fit in perfectly with your home. The costs involved have also significantly decreased and we offer A Rated Energy Domestic Air Conditioning Systems which have a reduced running cost that will save you money long term.

Domestic Air Conditioning Yorkshire

Domestic Air Conditioning by Professionals

Air conditioning has taken on a higher profile within the public awareness, due to the introduction of units available at DIY warehouses, the public’s view of these products have been supported by improved comfort levels within offices, in the car and at public venues, these DIY warehouses offer inexpensive solutions but they can create an enormous amount of problems for the user. These systems are often pre-charged with high-pressure refrigerant which require an approved certified installer to carry out work or at the very least the commissioning of this system that has been installed. Unfortunately the industry is still unregulated despite the efforts from government bodies and the EU.

Many of these DIY systems use older technology and are less energy efficient, these systems are also less aesthetically pleasing and have a limited amount of styles available for the indoor units, also the pre-charged line installation requires a lot of flexible pipework to be coiled up at the rear of the outdoor units which spoils the final appearance of the installation.

Therefore a professionally installed system should be the preferred root for a discerning home user, it may appear that these costs of installation are higher, but we do offer greater variety of indoor units manufactured by some of the world’s leading and most recognizable electronic companies.

There are of course many styles of units available from the plain white fronted unit to units which accept art work on their front panel and plasma style units, units can also be installed as a floor standing unit below windows in conservatories and cassettes can be sank into lofts of ceilings, which only require 300mm of void space.

All of the air conditioning systems that we install not only offer cooling function but also have a heating facility and because of the advanced inverter technology these systems are typically 5 times more effective than a standard central heating radiator.

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