Servicing your air conditioning

Installing an air conditioning system can be an excellent addition to any property especially during the summer months. A properly installed and maintained air conditioning system helps to keep your living or work space at a comfortable temperature and benefits health by improving air quality. The long term benefits however, rely on regular servicing of your air conditioning system to ensure it runs at optimum operating levels. Regularly servicing your air conditioning system not only benefits the lifespan of the system but also saves you money on day to day running costs, to.

Of course it is also important to find the right balance. Servicing your air conditioning system too often can be counter intuitive and lead to unnecessary expenses. Whereas neglecting the servicing of your air conditioning can also lead to problems in the long run that could result in the need for costly repairs.

Signs that your air conditioning system requires servicing

  • An increase in your energy bills – A poorly maintained air-con system will become less efficient and lead to higher running costs
  • A noisy air-con system – ThisĀ  may be a sign of parts being in need of servicing or in some cases needing to be replaced
  • Lengthy temperature changes – Delays in you air-con reaching the desired temperature may be a sign that it needs servicing
  • An increase in dust and pollen – Your air-con not only maintains a comfortable temperature in the home or work space, it also cleans the air. An increase in dust and pollen may be a sign that servicing of your air conditioning system may be necessary
  • Lengthy delays between servicing of your air conditioning system – Most air-con systems should be maintained at least once a year (6 months for commercial)

Whether its a standard service maintaining or replacing key system parts, a deep system clean, or regular scheduled maintenance, servicing your air conditioning system is an important part of keeping your air-con running at maximum efficiency for any property or work space.

For help with servicing, for a quote or for any other refrigeration & air conditioning requirements please contact us.

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