Thermocool-Solutions Air Conditioning Top Tips

In this blog we take a look at some Air Conditioning Top Tips.

Maintaining your Air Conditioning is the best way to ensure it is operating at its peak. Even if you have a new AC system, it makes sense to keep up to regular maintenance. It can be hugely frustrating on a warm summers day when you go to turn the system on but it is not working. Let’s look at some simple tips you can employ to keep your unit running efficiently and improve longevity:


Regular Observations

Every couple of months check the filters. Consistently checking the condition of your filters can prevent the potential of overheating and reduced efficiency. Check for any dust build up inside the vents which can cause your AC unit to operate at reduced capacity. It is also worth checking for signs of ice build-up. This can be quite common in heavily used systems. Ice build-up will reduce the overall performance and energy efficiency of your unit. Check by simply opening the filters and looking for an accumulation of ice.


Replace your refrigerant

It is important to find out what type of refrigerant your AC unit uses. Damage can be caused to components of your system if the incorrect type is used. As an example, damage could be caused to the compressor if the wrong substance is used, especially in older systems. Make sure only the recommended refrigerant is used and is replaced when necessary.


Keep the exterior unit clear of debris

Make sure the outside unit is free from anything that could clog it up. Check nearby and underneath to make sure nothing has collected that could be pulled in to the unit. Obviously, this is to make sure no damage is caused and to maintain optimal performance however, it is also for health reasons. Conditions like asthma or allergies vary from person to person so maintenance as mentioned can help to keep a healthy space for everyone.

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