Air conditioning maintenance. The key to prolonging the life span of your equipment and ensuring that your system is running at maximum efficiency!

Air Conditioning Maintenance – Filters

Air Conditioning Maintenance Leeds

Old chocked up filters removed

All leading brand air conditioning systems have filters installed in the return air section of the indoor unit. Filters collect dust and dirt particles which, stops them from entering the heat exchanger. Without a filter the dust particles would enter the heat exchanger, restricting the airflow. This causes extra load on the system which in turn means it has to work harder to achieve the desired temperature. Heavily soiled filters lead to inefficiency as particles are forced through the system.

Another issue with lack of maintenance is on the outdoor heat exchanger. The majority of outdoor heat exchangers lack the installation of filters. As a result they can become choked up with debris dependant on location.

Town centres – Dust, Dirt, waste food wrappers, shopping bags

Rural Areas – Seeds, cut grass, Hay, leaves


All air conditioning systems have refrigerant gas within the pipework. This gas is an ozone depleting substance and it is very important to ensure the system remains 100% leak free. Over time with vibration and other contributing factors some of the mechanical joints may work loose and frequent maintenance can ensure this is picked up before any problems occur.  Only a qualified F-Gas engineer should carry out this work.

Typical Maintenance

Typical Air Conditioning Maintenance frequency is every 6 months however, this is dependant on the location and usage. A Thermocool engineer will clean and disinfect all heat exchangers with antibacterial coil cleaners during a maintenance visit. This ensures trouble free operation and kills 99% of all bacteria. Refrigerant checks will also be carried out and a full check of all Electrical running currents, fan bearings and any condensate pumps that may be fitted.

Gel Clear

At Thermocool we use Gel Clear products to carry out routine maintenance. With a great reputation within the industry we are proud to announce we are an approved installer and applicator of their entire range of products. Air-clear is effective against 99% of harmful bacteria, this formulation has proven efficacy against all enveloped viruses. It is the only non-hazardous, non-corrosive AC multi-purpose cleaning product on the market. It requires no PPE and presents no COSHH risks. Air-clear is also safe for use in food preparation areas and carries NSF registration.

We also have their range of products for sale on our website. Please visit our shop and feel free to contact us to see how we can help maintain your air conditioning equipment.
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